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Organic Liquid Seaweed Plant Fertilizer 1l


FRA: Arctic Chilli

199,00 kr

Endelig kan vi tilby våre kunder ett fantastisk og drøyt produkt vi har brukt i årevis selv. Dette er av beste kvalitet!!!! Must have for den som dyrker med naturlig gjødsel! 

Shropshire Seaweed Organic Growth Enhancer is the UK's strongest organic liquid seaweed fertilizer.

Regular application of Shropshire Seaweed is proven to increase vegetable and fruit yields and promote healthier plants, fuller blooms and stronger lawns. For centuries the Ascophyllum nodosum sea kelp has been used as a fertilizer in coastal areas of the British Isles because of its unbeatable range of amino acids, carbohydrates and growth hormones. Shropshire Seaweed adds no chemicals or preservatives to this excellent, sustainable resource. Instead our kelp is delicately cold-pressed into a beautiful golden liquid which has become a staple feed for organic gardeners across the UK. In recent years, the potency of this versatile fertilizer - and the outstanding results - has got growers coming back season after season.

  • Pure Ascophyllum nodosum: the universally renowned plant growth stimulant
  • Versatile feed: increases yields in flowers, vegetables, fruits, lawns and hedges
  • Strengthens plants against disease and the elements
  • Stimulates soil bacteria, encouraging strong root growth
  • No chemical additives or supplements whatsover
  • Organic Farmers and Growers approved: the highest organic standard in the UK
  • Highly concentrated: typical dilution rate of 500:1
  • Produced in the UK from sustainably harvested seaweed stocks

Chili og TomatMixing 10ml of Shropshire Seaweed in 5l of water will provide a fantastic fertilizer to use as a foliar spray. Apply liberally every 7 to 10 days during the growing period for a bumper crop of spicy chillie

Epler og PærerEnjoy juicier apples and pears by treating them throughout the summer with a weekly spray of liquid fertilizer. These fruits typically require a stronger concentration of Shropshire Seaweed than that used in other applications - around 50ml in 10l of water - but the investment is worth it. Mix and spray directly onto the leaves of the tree from April to September.

HekkMix approximately 15ml of Shropshire Seaweed with 5 litres of water and spray the solution directly onto the plant's leaves as a foliar feed, taking care to apply it as evenly as possible. Keep up this level of treatment once a week throughout the summer months.

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Organic Liquid Seaweed Plant Fertilizer 1l

Organic Liquid Seaweed Plant Fertilizer 1l

199,00 kr